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>Didn't Captain Midnight or some other radio-&-funnybook hero of my
>youth have a comic-relief sidekick named "Icky"?

Captain Midnight had two sidekicks, Ichabod "Icky" Mudd and Aristotle "Tut" Jones.  Icky was the comic sidekick who followed the Captain around on his adventures, and was also the copilot when the Captain flew his private jet.  Tut ran the laboratory at the Captain's secret headquarters---like Abigail on NCIS, but nowhere near as good a character.

As far as I know, Captain Midnight existed only as a TV show.  For some reason it appeared in some markets not as "Captain Midnight" but as "Jet Jackson".  This is the show that introduced the secret decoder ring, which I saw a few days ago appear on an NCIS rerun.  (Re NCIS---any show that has David McCallum in it is worth watching.)

Captain Midnight was a favorite show of mine in the 3rd grade---probably because of its sometimes outrageous use of special effects, including on one show an airdrop of the 101st Airborne.

I know a man who is related to both Roger Mudd the newscaster and Dr. Samuel Mudd who set John Wilkes Booth's broken leg.  The man's name?  Ed Shakespeare.

OT:  According to Wikipedia, the "Knights of the Golden Circle" were formed under that name in 1854.

OT:  not really an eggcorn, but a co-worker was complaining that Software was going round and round on her problem reports without fixing them.  In the course of her monologue she said "revolving the problem".

OT to Mark Mandel:  "AFAIK" = "as far as I know" but what does "AFAIC" mean?

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