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Not in OED. Not found by Google /define:jog/.

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> And apparently hedgehogs qualify for the discount too, along with

Larry's post reminded of of this recent exchange on the LiveJournal blog of
an English friend, "Z". He was complaining about slugs in his garden and
asking for advice. The definition and explanation are in the last quote,
from "K".

Z (UK):
I will not be beaten. But I think we may have to give up on being
jog-friendly and get something that actually kills the buggers. Too late for
the garden lilies, the rhubarb and too many other things, though.

M (UK):
Coffee. It kills slugs. I've done it. Get one of those pressure sprayers (or
even just a spray bottle thing), and fill it with a reasonably strong
solution of (cold) instant coffee - just buy the cheapest powder form from
Tesco or wherever. Spray anywhere you see slugs, spray plants and the area
around them, heavily. I don't *think* it's harmful to the jogs, either. *g*

T (US):
... Beer ...

C (US):
This was what I was going to suggest as well, except that 1) I don't know
what jogs are so maybe beer kills them too and 2) maybe it rains too much
for beer to work?

K (UK):
Hedjogs[1] (hedgehogs, US hedgepigs?), small mammals with spikes which roll
up into a ball. They also eat slugs, and may get drunk on beer (or may not
like it, many animals have an aversion to alcohol).

The rain we had today would certainly have well diluted the beer. On the
other hand there are many days with less rain.

[1] This is pretty much how a lot of people in the London (England) area
pronounce 'hedgehogs'. People saying it as 'hedge-hogs' and pronouncing the
'h' in the middle would likely be thought of as 'posh'.

m a m

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