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Arnold Zwicky zwicky at STANFORD.EDU
Sat Jul 18 18:03:26 UTC 2009

On Jul 18, 2009, at 10:38 AM, Joel S. Berson wrote:

> At 7/18/2009 10:42 AM, Arnold Zwicky wrote:
>> On Jul 18, 2009, at 7:31 AM, Joel S. Berson wrote:
>>> At 7/18/2009 06:31 AM, Damien Hall wrote:
>>>> I'm especially sure of
>>>> this for proper names, like Storrow, which I can't imagine
>>>> pronouncing
>>>> [stOr@] in 'citation form'.
>>> But in Boston isn't it stOr@ Drive?
>> it certainly wasn't when i lived there.
> Perhaps not among your upper-crust neighbors, Arnold, but around
> mine ...  :-)

well, it really is gratuitous for you to assume that my neighbors were
upper-crust at the time (yes, i saw the smiley).  the neighborhood i
lived in was a complicated patchwork of class, but a significant
number of my neighbors were lower middle class (and some working class).

but of course i wasn't recording pronunciations at the time.


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