Haverhill and tonic

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Here's another:

The first day that I worked as circ supervisor at Widener, my student
assistants were a mixture of locals and Harvard students from the
States and about any other place in the world that you can think of.
IAC, I answered the phone and someone asked to speak to Kevin Tanney.
After the poor guy had called back several times, a local overheard my
end of the conversation, got my attention, and said, "That's Kevin
Tanney right there!"

Instead of asking around, I had merely scanned the list of names of
the assistants, interpreting them according to my own internal

It turned out that I had read Kevin Tierney's name on the list, but I
had no idea, at the time, that, locally, "Tierney" [tirni] is
pronounced, for all practical purposes, as [tI&ni], which I hear as

At that time, my head student assistant was Andrew Garrett. Those
active in the field of linguistics may be familiar with his name.


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>>my  friend who uses "tonic" for soda / pop / soda pop / soda
>>water, etc., is  from Haverhill [hEIvr at l] and not from the city.
> Residents of the City of Haverhill would be offended. Â Now if Wilson
> had written "not from the big city" ...
>>FWIW, my grandmother, a city-of-Boston native, always called it tonic as
>>well.    How old is your friend?  Maybe the difference is  generational
>>rather than geographical.
> When I came to the gown city (Cambridge) in the mid-50s, I was told
> to say "tonic" -- and "frappe". Â And some locals did.
> Joel
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