"slang" (1746); favorable insults

Alison Murie sagehen7470 at ATT.NET
Sat Jul 25 19:47:14 UTC 2009

  Jocelyn Limpert  wrote:
Also, I think nothing of
referring to a woman as "bitch," but try not to refer to black women as
bitches as they seem to find it very offensive, whereas white women do
interpret it the same way."
Hunh?  This 78-yr-old white female finds "bitch" as applied to women
offensive.  Since the old fart cohort is pretty big in these times,
I'd guess that to
generalize inoffensiveness to white women is a mistake.
(I do say "son of a bitch" as a general purpose expletive, and use
"bitch" as a
pejorative noun about (e.g.) something difficult.)

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