Dueling dialects

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The neighbour's way may be quite widespread, among all ethnic groups.
My wife, of Ukrainian-Catholic extraction from NE Pennsylvania,
likewise sees nothing strange about the neighbour's turn of phrase.
Anymore, I'm unsurprised by what she finds unsurprising.:-)

Lest the joke be lost, this use of "anymore" is a peculiarity of the
speech of Pennsylvania, among other places. Anymore, my wife tries to
avoid using it, because I keep teasing her about it, anymore. :-)


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> As it happens, I grew up in Alberta used to the way the neighbour
> says it. This Wednesday is Wednesday this week; next Wednesday is
> Wednesday next week. I'm not sure if that was mainly local influence
> or if it came from my parents, who are from the Buffalo area.
> Whatever the case, it didn't seem to hold in Boston and it doesn't
> seem to hold in Toronto, so now I've gotten to doing it Jerry's way.
> James Harbeck.
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