r-less in Gaza

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One of the comments under this article just says "bogus stories". I wonder
if he means he doesn't believe the stories about US citizens who say they
have been railroaded by ICE, or does he mean that the content, the nature,
of the stories is sad or unfortuneate. I could post a note there and ask, of
course, but figure I would just get a bogus answer anyway...

We've got a long way to go and a short time to get there

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 From a July 27 story in the San Francisco Chronicle about the
detention and deportation of American citizens by the ICE:
Houston chef Leonard Robert Parrish, 52, wasn't locked up by ICE or
deported, but he did run afoul of a law intended for illegal immigrants.

The Brooklyn-born Parrish went down to the Harris County sheriff's
office in September to clear up a problem over a couple of bounced
checks. He wound up in jail on immigration charges. He was strip-
searched and spent 12 hours in custody.

"The deputy told me I had a foreign accent," Parrish recalled. "I told
him I had an East Coast accent. He said, 'It sounds like a foreign
accent to me.' "

A 2008 Texas law required a person's citizenship status be linked to
his driver's license. A sheriff's deputy told Parrish he was detained
because when they ran his driver's license information through their
computer, it said that his citizenship status was "unknown."

"I served on a murder jury in Texas and they can't find out I'm a
citizen?" asked Parrish. "I'm still fighting. ... Nobody wants to take
responsibility for locking me up for no reason."


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