"to ice cream" antedating the OED's 1744 for "ice cream"

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Thu Jul 30 15:58:25 UTC 2009

Google Books searching for "ice[d] cream[e]/creme" before 1744 yields
a 6 hits for the form "ice cream".  All are spurious (see below), except for:

1)  1742.  _The Complete Confectioner; or, the Art of Canding and
Preserving in its Utmost Perfection._  By the late Mrs. Eales ... 3rd
edition.  London: Printed for R. Montagu, ...  MDCCXLII

Page 92:  "To ice Cream" [title].

The recipe includes "any Sort of Cream you like, either plain or
sweeten'd, or Fruit in it".  The "recipe" continues with a detailed
description of how to chill this with ice and salt, covered with
straw, in a pail.  This is presumably not today's ice cream, since
there is no mention of stirring.  The directions continue with how to
freeze fruit similarly.

Not the noun phrase "ice cream", but perhaps worth brackets?

This page also contains "ice-pot", which is not in the OED.

P.S.  Google dates _The Accomplished Housekeeper, and Universal Cook.
Containing all the Various Branches of Cookery [&c. &c. &c.]_, by T.
Williams, and the Principal Cooks at the London and Crown and Anchor
Taverns.  London, Printed for J. Seatcher[?] as 1717.  The date in
Google's scanning is unclear, but it actually is 1797, according to WorldCat.

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