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> What is it that Snopes does not have?

I was unable to find any mention on Snopes of the story quoted in the post
that started this thread (
Specifically, the anecdote quoted in that post (and pasted below), out of
three in the article (

Which doesn't prove anything; but if this were an urban legend that had been
knocking around for a while, I'd expect to find it on Snopes. I think we're
in agreement that these stories are not bogus 'phony'.

> Houston chef Leonard Robert Parrish, 52, wasn't locked up by ICE or
> deported, but he did run afoul of a law intended for illegal immigrants.
> The Brooklyn-born Parrish went down to the Harris County sheriff's
> office in September to clear up a problem over a couple of bounced
> checks. He wound up in jail on immigration charges. He was strip-
> searched and spent 12 hours in custody.
> "The deputy told me I had a foreign accent," Parrish recalled. "I told
> him I had an East Coast accent. He said, 'It sounds like a foreign
> accent to me.' "
> A 2008 Texas law required a person's citizenship status be linked to
> his driver's license. A sheriff's deputy told Parrish he was detained
> because when they ran his driver's license information through their
> computer, it said that his citizenship status was "unknown."
> "I served on a murder jury in Texas and they can't find out I'm a
> citizen?" asked Parrish. "I'm still fighting. ... Nobody wants to take
> responsibility for locking me up for no reason."

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