Q: "Callicoes" in Boston circa 1743-1760?

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At 5:01 PM -0400 6/9/09, Joel S. Berson wrote:
>What is the meaning of "Callicoes" in the following two items?

Hmmm...definitely seems to exclude females, let alone those of a
feline persuasion.


>1)  From the Boston News-letter, 1743 July 14, 2/2.
>This is to inform the most worthy and Hospital [sic]
>Society of CALICO'S so re[m]arkable for their good
>OEconomy and decent Behavior; &c. that there will be
>a Meeting of said Society at the Bunch of Grapes Tavarn
>on Tuesday the 19th Instant at 6 of the Clock in the Afternoon,
>then and there to do no Business at all.
>      By order of the G. M.                               CALICO
>         Whip Whip Whip
>N. B. It is expected that all
>      Members of that Society
>      give due Attendance.
>2)  From the Boston Post-Boy, 1743 Oct. 17, 3/2.
>Last Thursday being the Day appointed, by Order of Government, for a
>general Thanksgiving ... for the Preservation of His Majesty, and his
>Royal Highness the Duke of Cumberland, at the glorious Battle of
>Dettingen, over the French Army, with all their Jen d'armes, &c. was
>celebrated, with the greatest Solemnity; and particularly by the
>ancient, loyal and hospitable Society of Callicoes, who in the
>Evening met at the Bunch of Grapes, the House of Mr. Samuel Wethered,
>in King Street, which was very beautifully illuminated; where the
>following Healths were drank, viz. ..."
>[The toasts are to:
>King George, and success to his arms. Prince and Princess of Wales.
>Duke of Cumberland. The glorious Queen of Hungary. Success to the Allies
>Prince Charles of Lorrain. The Earl of Stair. Prince Lobkowitz. Count
>Knevenhuller. British Navy.
>Success to the Province. His Excellency our Governor. Success to the
>ancient, loyal and hospitable Society of Callicoes.]
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