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Precisely my point. Hiking the trail is not a "destination-less journey."
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"Walkabout" is not simply a short jaunt. It can be an extended,
destination-less journey through wilderness (like the Australian Outback).

The Macquarie Dictionary defines the phrase "go walkabout" (sense 5a of
"walkabout") as: "to wander around the country in a nomadic manner," and 5c:
"to go on a holiday." Sense 1 of walkabout is defined as: "a period of
wandering as a nomad, often as undertaken by Aborigines who feel the need to
leave the place where they are in contact with white society, and return for
spiritual replenishment to their traditional way of life."

All of these are perfectly appropriate to the original alibi of Sanford
taking a long weekend on the Appalachian Trail.

(And "walkabout" is used extensively in the movie "Crocodile Dundee." He is
from the fictional town of "Walkabout Creek" and at the end of the movie
decides to "go walkabout" in Manhattan and beyond.)

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> Or was he just lucky?  The story put out (at an early time) was that
> Sanford was hiking in the Appalachians -- that could have suggested
> walking about.
> Joel

Have you ever seen the Appalachian Trail? "walkabout" is not appropriate at
all for hiking the trail.

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