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Can someone direct me to the origin of scroot, meaning a mutt?

o     1907 October, Josephine Tozier, A Spring Fortnight in France, Dodd,
page 183,
           "...I would be willing to ride in any kind of a car. I would
even go in a scroot, if
           "What in the world is a scroot, Margot?"
           "It is only my name for one of those nasty little, smelly,
noisy, ancient automobiles
           that go shaking past our country place at home. I stole the word
from papa. It is
           what he calls a ragged little cur, just plain dog. My scroot is
just plain ragged
           motor, without fancy trimmings."
o     1920, Herschel S. Hall, Steel Preferred, E.P. Dutton, page 34,
           "The young whelp!" he roared to Nicker. "The yellow scroot! Why,
the bloody
           little boozer!"
o     2005, Edgar Martin, Boots and the Mystery of the Unlucky Vase,
Kessinger Publishing, ISBN 1417986026, chapter 4,
       page 73,
           The blamed hound, the mangy scroot!

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