Framingham as a verb

Mark Mandel thnidu at GMAIL.COM
Sun Jun 28 18:43:03 UTC 2009

We lived in Framingham for 20 years or so, and so of course we knew
about the Framingham Heart Study, but this is first I've heard of this
usage. From an acquaintance's blog:

So, because I am a giant nerd, I had asked if we could stop in
Framingham on the way to the hotel. Framingham is the site of
basically the largest long-term study of risk factors for heart
disease, and the results are in very wide use in the medical world.
When you assess someone for their 10-year risk of a stroke or heart
attack, you Framingham them. I wanted to Framingham someone IN
FRAMINGHAM. Robin, oh thrice blessed guest liaison Robin, was not only
willing to detour to Framingham, but found directions to the study's
head office. I now have a picture of me assessing Dr. Sloan for her
risk of a cardiac event in front of the Framingham Heart Study sign.
Bwahahaha! We giggled all the way to dinner.

Mark Mandel

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