secesh (1862); nickel [coin] (1863); Knight of the Golden Circle (1863); black-snake [Republican] (1863)

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In Albert Matthews, "Origin of Butternut and Copperhead", Reprinted
from The Publications of the Colonial Society of Massachusetts, Vol.
XX [1920] (Cambridge: John Wilson and Son, 1918), pp.
205--237.  [Same pagination in both publications.]
secesh, 1862 (OED 1862-)

The Crisis, Columbus, Ohio, 1862 Nov. 5.  [Matthews, 210]

"The following is about as severe a commentary on the heartless
conduct of the authorities a Washington as anything we have seen in
papers the Journal delights to call 'secesh.' Had it appeared in The
Crisis, the Journal and such like papers would have cried out
'suppress the secesh sheet.'"

[The Crisis appears to be available in America's Historic Newspapers
and on microfilm.]
secesh 1863

The Crisis, 1863 March 25.  [Matthews, 217]

"Whereas, Major Muse did ... say that 'Northern Traitors [an
Abolition nick-name for Democrat, alias Butternut, alias Copperhead,
alias Secesh, &c.] ought to be hung up at their door-posts;"
nickel [U.S. coin], 1863 (OED 1857, 1858, 1881, &c.)

Chicago Tribune, 1863 May 1.  [Matthews, 222]

"The heavy coinage of 'nickels' still continues"
knight of the golden circle, 1863 (OED not in)

The Crisis, [1863] May 27.  [Matthews, 228]

"The Abolitionists, who were bent upon a muss, instead of obeying the
orders of the Justice, commenced abusing him in the most scandalous
manner, calling him a 'butternut,' 'secessionist,' a 'Knight of the
Golden Circle,' &c."
black-snake [Republican], 1863  (OED not in, but has "black
Republican, from 1852)

The Crisis, [1863] April 15.  [Matthews 233]

"The Abolition Black-snakes are now using every effort to obtain
subscribers to a new ism that Greeley has put forth ... The
Black-snake editors appear to be urging their followers up to 'blood
letting' among us. We are dubbed Copperheads and Traitors ..."
black snake [Republican]

The Crisis, [1863] April 15.  [Matthews 234]

"The "Copperheads' wiped out the Black Snakes (or Black Republicans)
on Monday last".

blacksnake ticket, 1863  (OED not in)

The Crisis, [1863] April 15.  [Matthews 234]

"We held our annual election on Monday, and elected our Copperhead
ticket clean through, whipping the Blacksnake ticket by some 52 majority."


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