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Nonsense.  What's your point?  Take a look at the chart yourself and tell us what you see.  Or play it at
Is schwa correct for the vowels in "hut, rug, rust" as spoken in

Meanwhile I just heard Paul McCartney say ~juest for "just" (with a long u that sounds like "juiced").  So I take it is putting in British dialect in their pronunciations, which is fine as long as they say it's UK.  I was under the assumption that it was only USA dialects.

I've never heard long u in USA for "just" to make it sound like "juiced".

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> On Feb 28, 2009, at 11:41 PM, Tom Zurinskas wrote:
>> I just explained how truespel spells out the many sounds of schwa
>> which most dictionaries do not. notation cannot do this. I
>> would suppose IPA which uses schwa could not as well.
> this is clear evidence that you need introductory training. the ipa
> transcription has symbols for all the vowels sounds you've imagined
> and more. take a look at the chart.
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