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I hope I  will be forgiven exploiting the general knowledgeability of people
on this  list with a query that has virtually no relevance to linguistics.  I
recently read that the lyrics of Leonard Cohen's 1967 song "Suzanne" appeared
 earlier as a poem in a 1966 book of his.  Are there other examples of
well-known song lyrics that appeared earlier as poems?  I am not talking  about
well-known poems that were also made into songs, but rather about texts  that are
usually thought of as songs but were actually first  poems.

I've heard that many Christmas carols were originally poems, only later set
to music.  Indeed, I've heard that the term "carol" originally meant a  story
- hence Dickens' choice of story title "A Christmas Carol," which is  waaaaaay
too long to be sung.  I don't know how you'd go about verifying  either of
these statements, nor ascertaining which carols were originally poems,  but if
you do either or both, I'd sure like to know what you found out!


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