Running out of stones

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Taking away stones (from the throwers of same) might help ease pressures in a couple of mid-east countries. Or so I've always (tongue-in-cheek) reckoned.

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Subject: Running out of stones

>GAT is venturing out of the early-mid 19th century into the present day, an
>adventure which he always heartily regrets.

>The 20th century at least gave us Louis Armstrong and Buster Keaton.  Can we
>hope for as much from the 21st?  Don't ask.

>In any event, I saw in the NYTimes of midweek a remark that the Stone Age didn't
>end because they ran out of stones.  I immediately sensed a quotation, and so it
>has proven to be.

>Checking the Proquest newspapers, I find the following:
>The oil age is ending, not because we are running out of oil, but because we have
>better ideas. The Stone Age never ran out of stones either.
>>From what I take to be either an op-ed piece or a column by Paul G. Hawken,
>headed ENDING THE OIL AGE, in the Boston Globe of March 18, 2001.  section H.
>page 8.  Mr. Hawken was calling on the Bush administration to do something
>effectual to curtail our reliance on oil; we all know, sadly, how far he was heeded.
>"The Stone Age didn't end because they ran out of stones, and the fossil fuel age
>will not end because we run out of fossil fuel. It will end because we decide and
>muster the political will and the technological advances to move forward."
>The person quoted is "KC Golden, a former aide to Mayor Paul Schell now working
>with the non-profit Climate Solutions".
>Seattle Post - Intelligencer of April 14, 2004.  section B, page 2

>This isn't in Fred Shapiro's quotation book.


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