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Victor aardvark66 at GMAIL.COM
Sun Mar 8 15:09:30 UTC 2009

Just the general "workforce reduction" has turned up the verb "reduced"
in rather broad use. Other options are "restructuring", "streamlining",
which are more difficult to use with a single employee. I've seen a
British column on the subject at least four years ago, but it would be
hard to track now.


Mark Peters wrote:
> I'm doing a column on the many words and phrases for firing people: let
> go, downsize, rightsize, shitcan, sack, discard, terminate, pink slip, show
> the door, etc.
> There are two things I'd like to sip (siphon?) from the collective pool of
> wisdom:
> 1) What other words fit in this category? I have some recent ones like getting
> fit and synergy-related headcount reductions, but there must be
> more.
> 2) Any info on the history of shitcan? The OED doesn't have it, and HDAS
> doesn't go that far...
> Thanks!
> Mark
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