Shrimp(s) and prawns

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Where's Bubba Gump when you need an expert opinion on
the likes of shrimp.

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>I've just heard the character, "di Noso"(sp?), of NCIS say that
>"prawns" is the Australian word for "shrimps." I've long been under
>the impression that "shrimp" is the standard word for _shrimp_ and
>that "prawn" is the standard word for _prawn_ throughout the
>English-speaking world. And there exists an Australian movie whose
>title is The *Shrimp* On The Barbie and *not* The *Prawn* On The

>I seem to remember a time when the plural of "shrimp" was *shrimp*,
>like unto "sheep, sheep." But maybe it was just a BE thing. Or maybe
>the problem is with my memory. I won't bet money on this.

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