[Antedating] Triskaidekaphobia (1908)

Bonnie Taylor-Blake taylor-blake at NC.RR.COM
Sun Mar 15 15:36:28 UTC 2009

Regarding "triskaidekaphobia" and "triakaidekaphobia," Victor had written:

> As for the origin and dichotomy, one possibility is that the field
> corrected itself over time, recognizing the original source as a typo.
> Another is that the original coinage (presumably either from
> 1892 or its
> source) was considered an error by either Coriat or Dorland and _they_
> used their influence to rectify it in print.

For what it's worth, a search of Google Books pulls up "triskaidekaphobie"
and "triskaidecaphobie" in French and German texts with publication dates as
early as 1892 (German).  The misspelled "triakaidekaphobie" also turns up in
non-English texts; its usage is roughly contemporaneous with appearances of
its English counterpart.

In any event, thanks go to Doug Wilson and Victor for noting and researching
the "tria-" form.

-- Bonnie

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