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I had heard that Kevin Watson was working on this.  He's British and the analysis in this book involves USA accent.  I inquired if that was fair, both to him and me and was told by the British moderator that he's trained so it's quite fair.

This book (Book 1) analyzes a list of 57k words to determine phoneme frequency.  In it I also analyze 60 common words/phrases (two sets of 30) to find phoneme frequency for 14 languages (as spoken in word of the day).  The frequencies are compared in a ~leengwuprint graph for vowels and consonants.  It shows how USA English differs from the combined phoneme frequency of 13 other languages.

Truespel book 4 examines phoneme frequency in running text.  This considers the popularity of words, whereas the 57k list does not.  There are some big differences in phoneme frequency when word popularity is considered.

These databases are free for anyone wishing to work with them.  They are spreadsheet friendly.  Very useful.

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> Reviewed in Journal of the International Phonetic Association 39:1
> Thomas E. Zurinskas, Analysis of the sounds (phonemes) of USA English (Truespel
> Book 1). Bloomington, IN: Authorhouse, 2004. Pp. x + 135. ISBN
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