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Amy West medievalist at W-STS.COM
Fri Mar 27 13:09:11 UTC 2009

At the risk of actually engaging TZ on the topic,

I just read Edward Carney's brief and clear essay "English Spelling
is Katastroffik" in Bauer and Trudgill's _Language Myths_ collection.
I strongly recommend it: it explains the basic reasons for English
spelling patterns and the problems with a strictly phonetic system.
For further reading, Carney's _A Survey of English Spelling_ is
recommended. While I recognize that you are proposing your system for
dictionary pronunciations and English learners, your system doesn't
have the advantage that the IPA does of expressing sounds in terms of
*articulation*, and would only confuse learners because they
eventually have to make the shift to standard spelling.

---Amy West

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