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>Subject: l Benson

>Remember him well, you had to get to 47th street on the south side to
>even hear his station!   He was good, played lot's of blues but the best
>was Daddy O.Dailey(sp) "Your Musical Host Who loves You The Most".
>Great taste in music. After Al got popular he played as many ads as
>Limbaugh does today.
>Besides being a great DJ, Daddy O was a hell of a bartender, at the old
>Du Sable hotel 39th and Cottage Grove.   One hell of a club.
> P.S. Michael, did you ever hear of Freddie Goree? We knew each as
> children in Saint Louis. He's one of the DJ's featured in a book held
> by Widener Library on Chicago's black-music-on-radio scene. -W.

Don't remember Goree, but everyone on the South Side knew of Daddy-O. My
radio loyalties fastened on the same station and its holy trinity: Jam with
Sam, Rock with Rick, and Bounce with Benson. Reception was quite good at 61st
and Halstead, much to the consternation of my pious Irish mother, who
thought that anything beyond Ave Maria was blasphemy.

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