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On Apr 30, 2009, at 11:38 AM, Chris Waigl wrote:

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>> depending on what "served" means in this context, the "served on the
>> premises" clause might exclude all sorts of places where you pick up
>> food at a counter and can then eat it at tables provided by the
>> establishment (or take it away): in many grocery stores, in many
>> sandwich shops, in many cafes and coffee shops, in some delicatessens
>> and cheese shops, in some bagel houses and bakeries, etc.  and
>> Panera,
>> which describes itself as a "bakery-cafe" and serves sandwiches,
>> soups, and salads as well as baked goods -- but you order at a
>> counter.
> What about if it is a pub (you order at the bar but are served the
> food at
> the table)? What about gastropubs (high quality of food and service,
> but
> you still sometimes order at the bar, even though I've seen some
> with full
> table service)?

("full table service" -- nice)

like i said, there are gray areas here.

one further factor that picks out clear instances of restaurants, at
least in the U.S.: tipping an individual.


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