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I find another combination interesting in the first example. The part
that stood out for me is "responsible of". Once again, this is nothing new.


The following lines were plucked from an online resume (not sure if a
native speaker--born in Panama). The interesting part is the mix of both
"responsible for" and "responsible of" in the same "text".

 >Transportation and Warehousing Division a. Project Manager:
*Responsible of* the coordination and execution of the following projects...
 >Bench Stock Consolidation Project *responsible of* consolidating all
the bench stock dispersed throughout the different divisions in order to
optimize and reduce inventory levels and costs. ...
 >Purchasing Manager: *Responsible for* managing all purchasing
functions of Locks Division, Maritime Department. Oversees the daily
activities, reviews purchasing decisions, analyzes changes with new
issues or materials. ...
 > I am responsible of writing the procedures for the different
processes of the division, based on ISO 9001:2000 standards. ...
 > Responsible to manage and dispose of scrap ferrous metals,
non-ferrous metals, recycle paper, burned oil and other recyclable
material through auctions sales and contracts. ...
 > Responsible for the surveillance, handling, preservation, and
distribution of more than 28,000 line items of inventory.
 > Engineer in charged of the Electrical Branch at the Sugar Mill.
Responsible for managing maintenance and repairs of all the electrical
equipment and assets at the sugar mill ...


Arnold Zwicky wrote:
> just came across "in charged of" for "in charge of" (likely under the
> influence of "charged with").  ca. 51,200 raw webhits.
> As the person responsible of the institution, he is in charged a team
> of administrators formed of two Vice President: one responsible for
> the cruise market and communications and the other is in charged of
> strategic planning and marketing.
>    www.infosource.gc.ca/inst/qbc/fed04-eng.asp
>    (Quebec Port Authority document)

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