One Right Way

Arnold Zwicky zwicky at STANFORD.EDU
Fri May 8 15:13:56 UTC 2009

i've assembled a file of references to One Right Way on Language Log
and my own blog.  there have been plenty on ADS-L, but not always with
the label, so it will take me some time to assemble another file.
here's the current one:

One Right Way

Language Log Classic

AZ, 5/3/05: Don’t do this at home, kiddies!:

AZ, 2/11/06: Whatever is not prohibited is permitted -- not!:

AZ, 9/13/06: The tyranny of the majority, and other reasons for
choosing a variant:

AZ, 2/24/07: Tolerating variation, or not:

AZ, 7/22/07: One will get you four more:

AZ, 12/30/07: Blameless:

New Language Log

AZ, 5/15/08: approve (of):

AZ, 5/16/08: protest of:

AZ, 7/13/08: Test obscenity, taboo avoidance, and prescriptivism:

AZ, 7/30/08: Not exactly a smackdown:

AZ, 10/30/08: Periods:

AZ, 3/24/09: Wordy, not classy, and lazy:

AZ, 4/4/09: Agreement with disjunctive subjects:

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