"mink" (n.) = 'a black, a Negro'?

Joel S. Berson Berson at ATT.NET
Sat May 9 16:39:58 UTC 2009

"At 10Q.M. de moss spiceable brack folk ob stinkation gan show he
head from ebery treet and ally, like so many Mohe-choah Mink in a mud-bank ..."

I presume "mink" here means 'a black/Negro person', from "mink
n.1  3.a.  ... thick glossy dark brown fur".  And "mohe-choah" is 'mocha' (?).

Thus not in OED draft rev. Mar. 2009.  Nor in Chapman or
Wentworth/Flexner, the only two American slang dictionaries on my poor shelf.

"Grand Jubelum!!!", 1827, broadside, John Hay Library, Brown
Univ.  (Possibly in EAI.)
In:  Melish, _Disowning Slavery_, 177.

[Melish, I think correctly, describes "spiceable" and "stinkation" as
takeoffs from "respectable" and "distinction" deliberately chosen to
suggest the disparagement of "despicable" and "stink[y]".]


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