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On TV was a report on the Tesla electric car, the only one really running today, it was said.  The owner and manufacturer of the car called it a "TES-luh" ~Teslu,  but the announcer kept calling it a "TEZ-luh" ~Tezlu.  You'd think he would pronounce the name of the car correctly.  A sum-up announcer at the end called it ~Teslu.

But on the other hand, I do take issue with the owner's pronunciation of Costco as KAHZ-koe  ~Kaazkoe.  I saw an interview of him, and he is a complete "awe-dropper"  His foenubet does not contain the sound "awe" for English at all.  He does not say that sound.  Wherever the sound "awe" would be appropriate, he substitutes "ah".  The "law" is "lah", "all of" is "olive" and so on.  It works practically like a speech impediment.

For Costco, I see the words "cost" and "co", i.e,"company", combined.  The word "cost" has the "awe" vowel.  So it should be pronounced "KAWST-koe"  ~kaustkoe.  If you want to get some weird looks, go into Costco and call it ~Kaustkoe.  ~Kaazkoe is burned in.

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