Pronunciation of "Ngaio"

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On Mon, May 11, 2009 at 1:58 PM, Mark Mandel <thnidu at> wrote:

> What first syllable? I'm referring to the only IPA the article gives
> for the name, at least up at the top:
> [ŋwjěʔn]
> If that doesn't come through, it's
> left bracket
> velar nasal
> w
> j
> e with caron
> glottal stop (superscript in original)
> n
> right bracket
> One vowel : one syllable.

I don't understand how you could have [n] after a glottal stop without [n]
being syllabic.  (I'm not sure how you can have any nasal after any stop
without that nasal being syllabic.)

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