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Fascinating article.
An exerpt:
"The ancient Library of Alexandria in Egypt burned down in 48 B.C., incinerating works by Aeschylus, Euripides and Sophocles; today, out of more than 120 plays by Sophocles, only seven survive.z"
Too bad the IX I I system wasn't in use there, then.

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> From an email list for book indexers:
>>   For anyone who works with words, this is just too epochal to be overlooked:
>>by Alexander Alter
>>Wall Street Journal
>>In a 21st-century version of the age of discovery, teams of computer
>>scientists, conservationists and scholars are fanning out across the
>>globe in a race to digitize crumbling literary treasures.  In the
>>process, they're uncovering unexpected troves of new finds,
>>including never-before-seen versions of the Christian Gospels,
>>fragments of Greek poetry and commentaries on Aristotle. Improved
>>technology is allowing researchers to scan ancient texts that were
>>once unreadable -- blackened in fires or by chemical erosion,
>>painted over or simply too fragile to unroll. Now, scholars are
>>studying these works with X-ray fluorescence, multispectral imaging
>>used by NASA to photograph Mars and CAT scans used by medical
>>technicians. . . .


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