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At 5/11/2009 11:26 PM, Douglas G. Wilson wrote:
>"Caron" also seems to appear in this 1967 style manual (date is possibly
>genuine), without even a snippet available:

While I am this very evening removing books from
boxes to re-place them on a redesigned set of
bookshelves, lo! appears my 1959 edition of the
U.S. Government Printing Office "Style Manual"
(although the "(Abridged)" edition).  Excerpting
from the text that Douglas found, and arranging it into tabular form:

Page 180
ter) ® Pallas A caret
( ) parentheses (a) Juno v caron ...

On page 178 in my 1959 edition there appears to
be the ancestor of Douglas's table [and leaving out the various symbols]:
ter) Pallas cedilla
( ) parentheses  Juno  caret

This is a three-column table, so additions or
deletions will alter what Google Books thinks is a left-to-right line of text.

There is no "caron" in this table. Also, it does
not appear among the symbols given to denote
corrections to proofs (caret does, and is
named).  However, an unnamed v-like symbol does
appear, to indicate "superior" -- for example,
shown for inserting a quotation mark.

Thus "caron" may have been born between 1959 and
1967. One should also check the unabridged
edition of 1959, in case the table I have is
itself abridged (unlikely, I think.)


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