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In a recent interview in the Boston Phoenix, Ricky Jay says, "You know
what the con man's adage is:  never kick back a score."

I thought this was an interesting phrase ("con man's adage"), and
googled it.  Turns out Jay's version is one of many:

>From Google:

The con man's adage "you can't cheat an honest man."

If this stuff actually sells, it will surely illustrate the 19th century
con man's adage "there's a jay born every day."

Just remember the con man's adage, "No one gets conned without their

"A rube is born every minute." is the old con-man's adage.

I choked back my anger and paid him, remembering the con man's adage
that if you're going to be a sucker, be a quiet one.

There's an old con man's adage. It's easier to bilk one million people
out of one dollar than it is ten rich people out of ten thousand

This isn't really relevant to much of what goes on in the ADS-L, but it
struck me as odd that Google returned only 7 unique hits for the phrase
(including the original Boston Phoenix quote), but each of them had a
different "adage".
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