The Colbert Report: "soda water"

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Do you really believe that or are you just pulling my leg?

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> Colbert actually said, "now the syrup in that soda water..."
> He was making a fine distinction between "soda pop" and its constituent
> elements.
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>>Did anyone else notice the inadvertent use of (old?) Southern "soda
>>_water_" by Colbert, a native of South Carolina, in an environment in
>>which he otherwise was using "soda _pop_"?
> Was it clear he meant the flavored stuff, and not "seltzer"? Â The
> latter is what I think when I hear "soda water". Â (The OED agrees
> with me, on both "soda pop" and "soda water".)
> Or, Wilson, are you saying that in the (old?) South "soda water"
> could refer to flavored carbonated drinks?
> Joel
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