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"Pigeon _house_?" "Pigeon _coop_," whar ah'm from, pardner.

OTOH, "chicken house" is non-distinct from "chicken coop."


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> I thought I had posted on this before, but a search of the ADS-L
> archives and of the Eggcorn Database turned up nothing.
> A columbarium is a dove-cote or pigeon house but alse means an
> underground tomb with niches for cineraria or the niches themselves.
> The word gets 592k raw googits.  Mortuaries have been building what
> might be called columned patios or memorial gardens that they call a
> "columnbarium," sometimes containing niches for cineraria.
> "Columnbarium" gets 1360 raw googits, Woodlawn Cemetery has the
> following description that uses both spellings:
> Columbariums. A Columnbarium is a building or structure where niche
> space may be selected. Like all Woodlawn mausoleums, our Columbariums
> are constructed of granite, glass, marble and bronze.
> The term is also used for a head stone with columns, and in at least
> one case the word is written "column barium" making the sense of the
> reanalysis clear even though there is no meaning for "barium,"
> certainly not the element.
> Perhaps an eggcorn.
> Herb
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