write-only memory

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While I didn't read the _entire_ Wiki article, I did find, near the end of it, this curious
In another word, it is not necessary to add the 'read' funtion to this memory,so we keep it "Written Only".
Leaving aside the misspelling of 'function', I'm wondering about 'in another word'. Which, you
will notice, the author doesn't confine him/herself to -- instead rambling on another 18 words
in all in the same sentence.
As some kids say today for no apparent reason, 'word!'.

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>> My friend temped at Microsoft (or Bill's Bug Factory, as she calls it) to
>> help develop Vista. Every time I lose a download or other file, I twit her
>> about it. The other day I was reading a spoof on Seven, saying that it
>> would
>> have the same capabilities to lose your files as Vista has. My friend Janis
>> says that they call that write-only memory. It certainly seems apt.
>> Darla

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