WOTY candidate, but only because it's misspelled

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Wed May 20 00:46:50 UTC 2009

Note "trendonista" in third paragraph of this piece in today's Times:
New York Times
May 19, 2009
Yes, I Look Fabulous, but Inside I'm Saving

LOS ANGELES - In a place where appearance is almost everything, and
where studio back lots are filled with fancy veneers concealing
plywood and chicken wire, hard times are summoning a distinctly
Hollywood response: maintaining a fabulous facade on the cheap while
paring expenses behind the scenes.

Locals joke that the only slimming down this town knows is
liposuction, but the higher-end shopping districts quickly disprove
that theory. Robertson Boulevard, home to the celebrated Ivy
restaurant, has 12 storefronts empty or emptying on just a five-block
stretch. On Montana Avenue in Santa Monica, about 30 boutiques are
either closed, about to close or vacant, according to the merchants'

"The *trendonistas* still flock to Barneys, but it's just to eat
lunch and buy a lipstick," said Leslie Wright, a fashion-forward
executive at Bonhams & Butterfields, the art auctioneer. "That way,"
she continued, "they can still drop into conversation that they spent
all afternoon someplace chic."...

Only one earlier Nexis hit (from this February), and that wasn't even
from the U.S. (Financial Post, Canada), and not many google hits.
BUT: lots of hits for "trendinista", going back to 1996, with this
definition in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Trendinista: a social activist who combines heightened political
consciousness with stylish clothing

So nothing terribly new here after all, even the fact that the Times
needs better copy editors.


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