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I am surprised that in your article you would categorize the association of
heterosexual anal sex with "Christianity, premarital sex, and maintaining
'virginity'" as recent or recently fashionable. Perhaps it is recent or
recently fashionable (a) to discuss it in mainstream media and/or (b) as a
virginity preserving practice in protestant America. But, point is, it has
long been used by generations of Greeks, Italians, Arabs and a whole
assortment of other folk, not just as a virginity preserver but as birth
control as well. There is, in this grand, modern and enlightened year of
2009, a whole world out there of people who get anything from ostracized to
sold into prostitution to stoned to beheaded if their pre-marital hymens are
not intact. But they're all just as horny as the more liberated folks, so...
they go knockin' on the back door.

I only got one rule and that's never bet money you don't have on a dog race
with your ex-girlfriend who happens to be a stripper.

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on the recent innovation "saddlebacking":

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