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On May 24, 2009, at 7:34 AM, Bill Palmer wrote:

> I don't think this rises to the level of belonging in the
> Eggcornucopia,
> but amusing, nonetheless.
> Chapel Hill News 5/24/09, a letter to the editor points out that:
> "...Walgreen's also purchased four contagious parcels at the
> intersection of..."

almost surely a classical malapropism, but not unique.  what follows
is a complete list of the (seven) other "contagious parcels" examples
i googled up.

The ranch is located in two non-contagious parcels approximately ¾
mile apart.

The property consists of three contagious parcels of land which have
been under NEFF management since ...

.. and convenient rights of access to such roadways from contagious
parcels upon such reasonable terms and conditions as the Applicant may
impose. ...

... master [water] meters on both of the non-contagious parcels.

Since the hydrocarbon field development normally does not require
large contagious parcelsof land the physical displacement will be
limited to a few ...

The federal government responded by purchasing a large number of
contagious parcels with the intent of possibly constructing a military

development normally does not require large contagious parcels of
land ...

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