Phrase of the year? "Arlen Specter disorder"

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"Prickly City", by Scot Stantis, May 22:

[Winslow:] "I no longer fit in the coyote pack!  I am now a cat!!!"

[Carmen:]  "Oh, great.  Now he's got Arlen Specter disorder ..."

And, I think, once or twice earlier in the week.

The only Google hit for "Arlen Specter disorder" (in quotes) is:
Michael Says:
Leonard Lance, Chris Christie, Bill Baroni, Dick
Zimmer; they all suffer from ADS; Arlen Specter
DISORDER and should be replaced from any office
they hold, or prevented from winning any office
they want, at least as long as they claim to be a Republican.
May 3rd, 2009 at 12:18 pm

There are 60,400 hits for "Arlen Specter" and
"disorder", many of which are apparently not about ASD.  The first is:
Roger L. Simon [see Wikipedia]
April 28th, 2009 9:29 pm
Arlen Specter has a personality disorder

 and that disorder is that he wants to remain in
the Senate, where he has served for twenty-nine
years, at the age of 79. I don’t care about his
party or his ideology (zzzzz
), whatever it is. I
care about his narcissistic inability to move on. Enough already!

Specter’s self-indulgent and obviously
self-interested change of parties is yet another argument for term limits.

(And a few for "Arlen Spector" and "disorder",
understandable perhaps since Wikipedia redirects that to "Arlen Specter".)


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