Analyze word and phrase frequency

Tom Zurinskas truespel at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon May 25 21:17:59 UTC 2009

on the tradstreeng "o?o," as in "hobo"

Checking the most popular 5k words in English for the tradstreeng "o?o" (? =any letter).  Found 31 words.   The most popular phonetic sequences were:

(Note the sample word is the most popular word for that soundstreeng)

~u?aa (as in economic ~ekunnaamik) 25%,with 6.3k instances for 5 words

~aa?u (as in technology ~teknnaalujee) 22% with 5.4k instances for 6 words

~oe?u (as in nobudy ~noebudee) 11% with 2.8k instances for 3 words

~u?oe (as in proposed ~pruppoezd) 10% with 2.6k instances for 6 words

~u?er (as in color ~kuler) 9%, with 2.3k instances for 3 words
The other 23% have various phonetic sequences for the "o?o" tradstreeng..

So "uh--ah" is most popular followed by "ah--uh".

Tom Zurinskas, USA - CT20, TN3, NJ33, FL5+

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> This looks like it could be useful for some kinds of analysis.
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> You can check the number of words in just about any word processing
> program, but what about the distribution of those words?
> Primitive Word Counter analyzes text from your clipboard or file and
> returns the frequency of words and phrases in the text. You can set a
> minimum word length and have it ignore numbers to trim down the
> volume of replies it returns.
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