IPA in spreadsheets (was: antedating "hobo" 1885)

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Truespel is USA English friendly and teachable to kids.  None of the systems mentioned below are English friendly.  No present dictionary is English friendly, nor keyboard friendly.  Kids need to establish phonemic awareness, yet there is no useful phonetic system for them until truespel.

I've given a stab at foespeleeng several languages in truespel book one.  The language with the most sounds differing from English was French.  Curiously the IPA was created in France and the IPA journal was written in French until 1970.  I wonder why they changed?

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> Subject: Re: IPA in spreadsheets (was: antedating "hobo" 1885)
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> On Thu, 28 May 2009 21:50:40 +0000, Tom Zurinskas
> wrote:
>> Can these fonts be used in spreadsheets and can they be put in emails
> like
>> this forum and filenames?
> This question shows that you reading up on the basic concepts would help
> engaging in meaningful discussions. For a very gentle introduction that
> elucidates the concepts of "font", "character", "encoding" and so forth and
> explains the usefulness of the Unicode way of approaching the problem, see
> the first half of Tim Bray's article "On the Goodness of Unicode"
> http://www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2003/04/06/Unicode (the second half
> goes in more detail concerning Unicode codepoints and encodings). With this
> baggage, the answers to your questions are:
> - Sure, if the spreadsheet software is Unicode-capable (most are these
> days) and you have Unicode fonts installed that are able to display IPA
> (recent versions of Windows and OS X come with some of those)
> - Email -- not much of a problem, but again all parts of the software have
> to be aware of the encoding. This particular mailing list software has some
> annoying configuration problems / bugs, but any modern blogging or web
> forum tool I've ever used is fine with IPA. (You only have to read just
> about any language blog to find examples.)
> - Filenames: Depends on the OS and whether you transfer files between
> computers with different locale settings. BTW in non-English speaking
> countries, non-ascii filenames are commonplace.
>> Of course truespel can do all these things without the need for special
>> fonts. A plain typewriter can do truespel.
> Unfortunately, truespel can only do American English, and that only to a
> certain degree. Which reduces its usefulness, even if you're only
> interested in using it for English exclusively.
> For ascii-only versions of IPA, you could look up Sampa and Kirshenbaum.
> Cheers,
> Chris Waigl
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