IPA in spreadsheets (was: antedating "hobo" 1885)

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Fri May 29 13:18:28 UTC 2009

From:    Chris Waigl <chris at LASCRIBE.NET>
> Tom Zurinskas <truespel at HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:

>> Can these fonts be used in spreadsheets and can they be put in emails
>> like this forum and filenames?


> - Email -- not much of a problem, but again all parts of the software have
> to be aware of the encoding. This particular mailing list software has some
> annoying configuration problems / bugs, but any modern blogging or web
> forum tool I've ever used is fine with IPA. (You only have to read just
> about any language blog to find examples.)

Perhaps amusingly, the digest version of this list doesn't seem to work
with Unicode encodings. One would think that *this* list, if any, would
do so, but apparently not.


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