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On May 29, 2009, at 10:57 AM, Doug Harris wrote:

> Bill Engvall = 'here's your sign'
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>> No real evidence but it sounds like something Larry the Cable Guy
>> or one of
>> his friends would say. I am thinking of the guy who says "Here's
>> your sign,"
>> but can't remember his name.

as i understand things, Engvall says "here's your sign", handing
someone the sign -- which says STUPID.

there are plenty of comic uses of "stupid", and some of them are in
catchphrases ("I'm with Stupid", "Stupid Pet Tricks").  that's
entertaining, but doesn't answer the question of where "stuck on
stupid" came from.

there is a Stuck on Stupid comedy series, but that's clearly a use of
the pre-existing catchphrase, rather than its source.

so far it looks like the catchphrase has been around since at least
the late 80's, but didn't really take off until roughly 2000.


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