IPA in spreadsheets (was: antedating "hobo" 1885)

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The term glyph can mean other than the representation of a phoneme, so why use that term here.  By glyph I take it you mean "spelling" of a sound (truespel uses only letters of the alphabet so it actually is spelling the sound).

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> Subject: Re: IPA in spreadsheets (was: antedating "hobo" 1885)
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> Subject: Re: IPA in spreadsheets (was: antedating "hobo" 1885)
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> On Thu, 28 May 2009 22:13:12 -0400, Mark Mandel wrote:
>> Though I feel strange defending Mr. Z., he said "without the need for
>> *special* fonts. Arguably, a Unicode font that supports all the IPA
>> characters is "special" in contrast to a font that need only support
> Well, it depends on one's perspective, doesn't it. For me, in 2009, a font
> that merely offers glyphs for ascii characters would be special in that it
> would be so severely limited, and while a font with IPA glyphs is arguably
> special, the specialness is lessened by the fact that all modern desktop
> operating systems ship with such a font.
> Any non-Unicode font would be more special than either (in its
> obsoleteness).
> Given that the number of characters covered by Unicode is much larger than
> any font designer can manage, each font is special in the sense that it'll
> serve a particular niche or domain -- all languages written in a variant of
> the Latin alphabet, fonts for writing Chinese as distinct from fonts for
> writing Japanese (even for the overlap in code points there are differences
> in stylistic preferences for glyph shapes) etc etc.
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> Chris Waigl
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