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> But wasn't Edd Cartier earlier The Man, preceding both Freas and van
> Dongen? There was also another oft-used guy. For some reason, about
> all that I can recall of him was that he illustrated a story in the
> November, 1948, issue. Rogers! That was his name.
> -Wilson

If you were reading it in realtime in 1948, you're older than me.  <g>

I picked up my copies after the fact, mostly second-hand in the Barrows in
Glasgow in the early sixties.  They were usually the British issue, which
didn't have everything that was there across the Pond.  I think they dropped
Campbell's editorials, perhaps to spare our tender sensibilities.

(Totally off topic, the current generation of Glasgow SF writers -- for
tartan noir detective fiction you have to look to Edinburgh -- are more than
a trifle left wing -- Iain M. Banks and Ken McLeod are the main names in the
frame.  The third, Chris Boyce, died young in I think the seventies.)

(Slightly more on-topic, for the list if not the thread, there's an
incredible passage of allegedly 1714 cant in Neil Stephenson's _The System
of the World_, p. 125.  The reason Stephenson gets this *so right is that he
takes every term from Charles Hitchin's _The Regulator_ of 1718.  It's
pastiche carried to the level of genius.)


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