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1877 HDAS (its only pre-1905 cite) & internet archive.
Deadwood Dick, the prince of the road:
or, The black rider of the Black Hills, Edward Lytton Wheeler, 1877. 82.
"Gentlemen!" he plead, "there is need o' yer dutchin' out yer dudads right
liberal ef ye've enny purtic'lar anticypation an' desire ter git ter Deadwood
ter-night. Dick, the Road-Agent, are law an' gospel heerabouts, I spec'late!"
"Durned a cent'll I fork!" growled one old fellow, loud enough to be heard. "I
ain't afeerd o' all the robber Dicks from here ter Jerusalum."

1888 GB
The Overland monthly - Page 469
_Sin dudad_, [error?] all Americans are rich; but they have also plenty to do
with their money. They will not send it here for him to marry Lolita. ...

1890 GB
A history: Greeley and the Union Colony of Colorado - Page 53
David Boyd - (Greeley, Colorado, 1890)
Two or three hundred (floating population) that have not "dudads" enough to get
down to Evans, four miles below; a board of trustees consisting of honest
Meeker, General Cameron, ...

1891 AHN
Omaha World Herald, page 20, [col. 5] vol. XXVI
Publication Date:
December 20, 1891
Published as:
Sunday World-Herald
Omaha, Nebraska
Three-Year-Old's Santa. A Tale of Penury Which Has a Happy Ending
...Christmas eve....the churches are having trees and giving doodads to urchins.

1896 AHN
Emporia Gazette, page [4], vol. 6, iss. 2276
Publication Date:
May 8, 1896
Published as:
Emporia Daily Gazette
Emporia, Kansas
[No Headline] col. 4
The new fire wagon has been received all the paint--fifteen coats--and the first
coat of varnish will be put on today. Monday the letters and "doodads" will be

1897 GB
Good roads: devoted to the construction and maintenance of roads and streets?
- Page 235 col. 2
League of American Wheelmen -  Aug. 13, 1897
The subjoined letter is said to be an order sent by a Kansas man to a bicycle
... A repairer, no matter how uneducated he may be, is always a man of
parts....I can get all the wind I want out here in Kansas free...
P.S. How much do you charge for the doodad you stuff the wind into the robber
with where do you start?

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