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Heinlein was all over the map.  His first novel, unpublished until a few
years ago, was _For Us, the Living_ and it was a treatise for Social
Credit.  He had been a writer for Upton Sinclair's newspaper "EPIC News"
during the 1930s. "Misfit" was his second published story, and it was
essentially the Civilian Conservation Corps in space -- straight up New
Deal politics.  He had libertarian elements as early as his 1942 novel,
"Beyond this Horizon".  _Starship Troopers_ is often called fascistic
(wrongly, I think).  _The Moon is a Harsh Mistress_ is indeed a seminal
document of the American Libertarian movement.

One continuing theme in Heinlein's writing, from his pre-war stories
through his death, is a condemnation of slavery (and he includes the
draft as slavery).

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> > Not entirely true.  Heinlein was fairly far left when he began
> selling.
> >    The same for Poul Anderson.
> >
> > Mack Reynolds and John Brunner were leftists to the end.
> >
> > Dan Goodman
> Brunner I'd agree, but I'd tend to see Anderson and (especially) Mack
> Reynolds as libertarian rather than leftist.  (Ditto with Heinlein in
> _The
> Moon Is A Harsh Mistress_.)  But this may be a matter of perspective,
> Brit
> vs. USAmerican.
> Then again, which I suspect is more likely, I may just be entirely
> wrong.
> I'm working with thirty year old memories here.
> Robin Hamilton
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