They're as self-centered as we are!

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Tue Nov 3 22:22:17 UTC 2009

The only cases that count are the ones in which _knick_ is used as
slang for "steal" by Americans. I.e,. the UK writer, in writing to an
American Web magazine, is assuming, American-style, that *all*
speakers of English are going to be familiar with a slang term
peculiar to his own variety of English. I'd bet a fat man that most
Americans reading his note had not the least idea what the writer
meant by "... borrow, (some would say 'knick') ..."


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> On 3 Nov 2009, at 20:28, Wilson Gray wrote:
>> From a Britspeak letter to the editor of ZDNet:
>> ... " 'borrow' (some would say _'knick'_)" ...
> A few thousand GHits for ["I|he|she|you|we knicked"]. Both in the
> sense of "cut slightly" ("I knicked my leg|scrotum while shaving") and
> "steal" ("We knicked a Tesco trolley to use as a barbeque").
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