They're as self-centered as we are!

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I didn't realize that the spelling was wrong. But spelling isn't a
strong point among people who write to Web sites, even after the
probability, or even the mere possibility, of a typo is taken into


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>> From a Britspeak letter to the editor of ZDNet:
>> ... " 'borrow' (some would say _'knick'_)" ...
>> -Wilson
> Shame he didn't get the spelling right -- it's usually "nick".  Not the
> earliest recorded use, but a rather gorgeous book-title nonetheless:
>        The Nicker Nicked, or, The Cheats of Gaming Discovered. London:
> [s.n.], 1669.
> It's also slang ("the Nick") for a police station.  There's a somewhat
> sexist joke invovlving a bunco squad detective [or is that term too
> parochially American?] and an hysterical woman.
> Robin Hamilton
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