FYI: linguistics in the news: case of the missing "t"

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At 10:13 AM -0800 11/4/09, James Smith wrote:

Funny--that's the shibboleth for Connecticut (e.g. around New
Bri?ain) that we've discussed.  It would help to have had someone
with a bit more willingness to learn (if not actual expertise) to
write the column, so that different environments for glottalized t
might have been distinguished. I suspect, for example, that the
"mow-en" transcription actually represents a nasalized diphthong
followed immediately by a glottal stop; that wouldn't seem too exotic
around these parts.  I think I may pronounce it that way myself.
(Could this really be pronouned with an oral diphthong, as in
"Mao-in"?)  And the author might have gone on to remark on the
"missing d" in "No you di'nt"...


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